Fortnite Creativity 20.30 update brings the Armored Battle Bus and more..

Fortnite Creativity 20.30 update brings the Armored Battle Bus and more..

Epic Games has announced the details of the new Fortnite update 20.30 that will bring several Star Wars gifts to celebrate May 4th (also known as Star Wars Day) as well as Tilted Towers battles and more.

According to the official game blog, the Sweeper and Armored Battle Bus will be available with version 20.30 to gain unprecedented impact power. Also, don’t forget the video player device that you can use to play pre-loaded music videos. We now have an Island Music Experience template that will help you create a great experience with the device.

The Zone Wars template has also been updated, to accommodate the new standards and new devices that have been released since the original template was created. The update includes information panels explaining these new devices and how the island was created!

The new Fortnite 20.30 update will also bring a new “Hub” layout to focus more on providing a place for the player to showcase their technical skills. To achieve this, the Portals windows for building matchmaking between players will be removed. There will be four empty-rifts so that the player can continue testing and playing in private combos, and the Creator Showcase map selected by the Portal creator. Starting this July, the hubs will run for two weeks instead of one.

The most important changes in the new Fortnite update 20.30
Shotguns have been rebalanced, as these changes will increase the damage of most injuries and head injuries. All guns are given a “maximum damage capacity”, which affects the maximum damage dealt from a single shot.

Fortnite Creative Mode:

Increased minimum shot damage from 3 to 4 for offensive shotgun, buffalo shotgun, and barreled shotgun.
Increased headshot damage and assault shotgun damage with the hunting rifle crowbar.
The headshot damage of the Adventure Shozen and the barreled rifle has been greatly increased, but the base damage of the shots is not affected.
The barreled rifle’s damage fade distance has been adjusted, reducing the effective range.
Shozen charge damage has been reduced while headshot damage has been increased.
Heavy Shotgun Damage increased.
Headshot damage increased for: Hedgehog Shotgun, Brick Shotgun
Increased headshot and bullet damage for: Zipper Shotgun, Primal Shotgun, Tactical Shotgun, Dragon Breath Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, and Double Barrel Shotgun
Other updates and changes

A “Browse” tab has been added next to “Discover”! This list has been divided into categories (such as Action, Casual, and Combat), to make it easier for players to find a new game that matches their favorite categories and to allow creators to show their islands to more players even more easily!
New galleries of mountains, skulls and rocks.
Turning Sprint, Armor, Stretch & Shoulder Strike on or off is now available for some Teams & Categories.
Repairs of exhibitions and prefabricated buildings

Fixed an issue causing some objects in the upper and lower agency prefabs to appear as empty blocks.
Consumables updates
Hardware repairs

Fixed an issue where players would be deployed mid-air due to some deployment platform settings.
Fixed an issue that prevented glass objects from connecting to the props motor.
Fixed an issue where props engine objects that changed direction several times during a confrontation would stop moving.
Fixed an issue that prevented Flying from Skydiving Whirlwind from being canceled when switching teams.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from appearing on-screen pop-up dialog when performing Find Players.
Fixed an issue where the VFX Creator would use incorrect colors when enabled.
Fixed an issue that prevented some traps devices from working properly.
Island repairs

Fixed an issue where the HUD thermometer would not appear when entering an empty island.
Fixed an issue where older maps would not have any references, preventing players from being searched in them. Now, when entering an old map, the following message will appear: “The island code you entered is invalid.”
Fixed an issue where many island templates were showing an error message and could not be accessed.
Gameplay fixes

Fixed an issue where players were allowed to stretch out on the island even though the stretch was turned off in Settings.
Fixed an issue that caused the Tracker device to display and calculate an incorrect value upon completion and user restart of the game.
Fixed an issue that resulted in players being eliminated when driving through a barrier that serves as a platform.
Addressed an issue that resulted in a significant spike in memory usage on certain islands.

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