Attack On Titan, a VR game that will make you live the scouting experience

Attack On Titan, a VR game that will make you live the scouting experience

There is no doubt that the Japanese anime Attack on Titan has become one of the most famous and successful works in the world, and we have witnessed with the release of many video games that literally quoted the story and events of the series.

Three games were released for the anime series Attack on Titan, and each game bears the same name as the series, but in all of them it did not receive the hoped-for success. times.

This forced many independent developers of “young talents” to try to create and develop a game that embodies the atmosphere of the series and the maneuvering equipment movements that any developer would be hard-pressed to embody in a game that is supposed to be full of buildings, giants, and huge worse.

But it seems that it is getting closer to being fully realized through independent developer Slavkaskola, who has been developing a project for some time, and created a free virtual reality game called Attack on Titan VR, using the Unreal Engine 4 development engine.

As you saw in the video above, the developer Slavkaskola tried to embody the special anime environment as much as possible, in addition to making the camera from a first-person perspective and equipped with several 3D maneuvers that will make you feel for a moment that you are a member of the famous survey team that leads the giant inside and outside the walls.

The game is free, and any fan of this wonderful series can try it if they have VR glasses and live some exciting moments while slitting the throats of giants

What do you think of this titan attack game?

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