Arthur Morgan…in the heart of every player

Arthur Morgan…in the heart of every player

Unlike many characters in the series, Arthur is never mentioned or mentioned before

Arthur Morgan This name has a wide resonance in the world of video games in general and among his fans in particular. Arthur is distinguished as a confused character who has two opposite paths opened in front of him and he is forced to walk in them at the same time.

His opposite nature is similar to the phenomenon of ebb and flow between the qualities of good and evil. The good tide comes and controls it and then recedes from it again to show the position of the bad tide, a miserable childhood, a bad past and a painful end, all of which made him a rare character in the world of video games.

Unlike many characters in the RDR universe, Arthur is not mentioned or mentioned except in Red Dead Redemption 2, his character was built specifically for Part Two in order to give players more information about the Van der Linde gang.

In addition to the characters they loved from the original game, there is still a lot that fans don’t know about this character. In this article, we will discuss information and facts that make our beloved hero an exceptional personality in the heart of every player.

Disclaimer: The following article contains a (burning) of some parts of the story in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The life of crime did not come out of nowhere.

Arthur Morgan’s life is full of exciting and painful events due to his descent from a family in which crime permeates and this explains the reason for his success in the family business.

The beloved cowboy was born to Beatrice and Lyle Morgan in 1863, his father was arrested for theft in 1874 when he was only eleven years old, only to witness his father being murdered in front of his eyes. Arthur was alone for a few years until 1878 when his mother died at the age of 15 after which he was embraced by Dutch van der Linde to become one of the first members of the famous gang.

A cheap price for killing his family.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Nothing breaks a person like losing someone dear to his heart, and our beloved Arthur has enough of her, and the most painful memory is the true story of his family, in one night with a young waitress named Eliza who made Arthur a father who adored his son Isaac, Arthur visited the couple as often as possible with the province On his gang’s lifestyle to help support them, upon returning one day Arthur sees two crosses outside Elisa’s house, later discovering that his family was murdered by thieves for only $10. This tragedy explains why Arthur is cruel and cold at first sight.

Arthur’s head reward is impressive.

The biggest and worst gangsters have bounties on their heads and posters all over town and of course Arthur was no exception, as the government was willing to go to great lengths to catch him, what players don’t know is that Arthur’s reward was impressive at the time as his reward At the time of his arrest, $5,000, which is about $150,000 at the present time.

“F-Word” was used by Arthur only twice.

Unexpectedly for Rockstar, Arthur only uses F-Word twice, first when he refers to the Murfree Brood offspring as a murderous country family who also works as a gang and terrorizes anyone who comes across their territory, and second when he sings a song in Camp until then Arthur did not say the word towards any other character.

He almost left the gang for one reason..

Although Arthur Morgan’s only love is the life of the Wild West but this desire did not last until his meeting with Mary, it is hard to believe that Arthur and Mary did not try to escape to start a life together, and it turns out that the two tried but unfortunately failed.

After Mary II’s disappearance in Chapter 4, players learn that Arthur has already agreed to leave the gang to be with his girlfriend on the condition that the bank robbery is the last, but the winds swirl against the ships’ desire and things really go wrong, ending up stranded on the island of Garma.

While we don’t know how long he’s been there, we can assume it’s been quite a long time because the only thing we do know is that Mary has moved, and when Arthur returns he’ll receive a message saying she can’t wait for him anymore…

Arthur Morgan is an exceptional figure for many players and for me in particular, share with me your best moments with our beloved hero.

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