A player discovers the geolocation of the upcoming potential addition to Horizon Forbidden West

A player discovers the geolocation of the upcoming potential addition to Horizon Forbidden West

What distinguishes the world of Horizon Forbidden West is its vast and magical world at the same time, and many players are waiting for the release of new content in the form of downloadable DLC that adds more adventures and completes the game’s story.

We have previously seen the addition of story content called The Frozen Wilds during the first part, and this definitely makes us expect to announce new content in the coming days.

I remember that through the VGA4A website, I personally asked this question to Benjamin McCaw, the game’s storytelling director, along with story writer Annie Keeten, who, at the time, asked them during the digital press conference about the possibility of upcoming content for the game Horizon Forbidden West like the last part, and I don’t hide that McCaw said yes before he was interrupted, arguing that they weren’t allowed to talk about it.

User lost48 via Reddit community While roaming the game world through the beloved Sunwings, followers shared his discovery of a hidden geographical area within the game, which many followers interacted with, believing that it is the place where the events of the next addition will take place.

You can find this area specifically in the eastern side of the map as you saw them above, which is a high area that is difficult to reach, and contains some destroyed fortresses and some edges designated for climbing, as you cannot reach this area without leaving the current game map.

The other possibility is that this area has been cut out or excluded from the game map for many reasons, but one thing remains for sure that the story content of the game is inevitably coming “a warning of burning for some story events”, especially since the new enemy NEMESIS that was designed by Far Zenith is coming from space to Earth We must prepare to face it.

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