It seems that the Factions mode will return with The Last of Us Remake, according to one of the sources

It seems that the Factions mode will return with The Last of Us Remake, according to one of the sources

Naughty Dog studio plans to launch Factions mode with a new expanded version

For a long time, the media and the media have been circulating information about the existence of the game The Last of Us Remake under development within the Naughty Dog studio, and today we have a well-known source talking about the return of the famous online mode Factions with the unannounced remake so far. The source of this information is Michael Huber, a member of the Easy Allies team known on the Internet and YouTube, where he indicated in a tweet through his account that he obtained information that hinted that the Factions phase will return with The Last of Us Remake. advertisement It is reported that until the moment of writing this report, neither Sony nor Naughty Dog studio has revealed the existence of The Last of Us Remake, and all the information circulating on the Internet is from sources believed to be well-informed. But what can be confirmed so far is that the studio is already working on an online game that takes place in the world of The Last of Us Part II, and after it was decided that the content would be attached to the last game, the studio decided to work on the project as a separate game in itself.

If these new leaks are true, this may be an indication that Naughty Dog is planning to launch the online Factions mode with its new expanded version to be a supplement with The Last of Us Remake and The Last of Us Part II. In other words, it can be accessed through either of the two games if the user owns one of them, as is the case with the Battle Royale Warzone game, which is linked to all Call of Duty games that were released during the last two or three years..

In previous leaks, we learned that Naughty Dog is working on 3 projects, and if we take into account both the online Factions and The Last of Us Remake game, there will be one project that Sony hasn’t revealed yet.

Recently, we learned from some sources that the studio is working on a completely new fantasy game project, and that director Neil Drogman will not be part of this project. While some other sources said that Sony is planning to return to the Uncharted series by forming a new team that will revive the studio’s previous projects, including the Uncharted series.

In any case, Naughty Dog studio has a lot to reveal to its thirsty fans, and perhaps it’s time for that.

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