Demon’s Souls Remake on PlayStation 5 was even tougher than the original!

Demon’s Souls Remake on PlayStation 5 was even tougher than the original!

The idea of adding Easy Style is discussed within Bluepoint

Demon’s Souls is one of the reasons we bought the PS5 on launch day, and its success prompted Sony to acquire Bluepoint Games despite the difficulty of the original game released in 2009.

The game got improvements at the level of graphics, visual and physical effects, and supported many technologies on the PlayStation 5, including Ray Tracing technology, as well as support for 3D audio technology and some features of the DualSense controller, and it worked in 4K clarity with 60 frames / s.

But the question arises here, did developer Bluepoint Games after showing a remake version that has huge revolutionary improvements, why didn’t he add a game facilitation option that was not in the original game developed by FromSoftware as well as Japan Studio?

This question was answered by Gavin Moore, creative director of the Demon’s Souls remake in an interview, which we saw through everyeye site, where the director confirmed that there have been many changes made to the original game and during its development process, where the Demon’s Souls remake is in line with the degree of challenge The original release version on the PlayStation 3.

The creative director continued, commenting on the difficulty of the game, and also confirmed that the idea of ​​an easy mode for the game was discussed within the corridors of the developer studio during the development of the project, but the studio Bluepoint chose in the end to preserve the spirit of the game that was first released in 2009, so the original version looks like Much easier when compared to the remake.

Upon its release, the game received very satisfactory reviews with the launch of the PlayStation 5, and you can see our special review

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