The Stanley Parable game raises controversy because of its platinum trophies.

The Stanley Parable game raises controversy because of its platinum trophies.

Recently, The Stanley Parable released the Ultra Deluxe version from Galactic Cafe, which was heavily criticized by players due to the game’s platinum trophy.

The Stanley Parable game was originally released in 2013, but it was reformulated again by the developer studio, to be launched in the Ultra Deluxe version this year on all platforms. As usual in club studio games, the platinum trophy is extracted with ease in most of them, but not in this game!

The game contains a trophy that requires the player not to open the game for a full 10 years until the platinum trophy is obtained, meaning that if the player opens the game after 5 years, for example, the counter will start again waiting for another 10 years until he gets the trophy for this achievement and then The platinum trophy, as we see below, the latest achievement that rewards the player with the golden trophy, according to Psnprofiles.

But nothing in the world of video games can defeat the determination and creativity of players, as some of them discovered that it is possible to present the internal clock of their home device for a full ten years, that is, until the year 2032 until the trophy is extracted and thus obtaining the platinum.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen such intractable feats, let’s not forget the most famous feat in Batman Arkham City, which requires players to visit The Calendar Man every real holiday season until the feat is unlocked.

The game is currently available for all home devices, so are you planning to unlock the platinum achievement in it..?

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