The entry of large quantities of PlayStation 5 into the Bahraini market.

The entry of large quantities of PlayStation 5 into the Bahraini market.

At a time when the global market is witnessing a great shortage in the provision of PlayStation 5 devices, we see from time to time the appearance of large quantities of it in some markets, as happened recently in the Bahraini market, which received a large boost.

According to a user on the Twitter platform, @SolidNSnake1985, huge quantities of the device were detected in both the digital version and the basic version in the stores of one of the stores.

According to the same source, these PlayStation 5 units have started to be sold in some digital stores in Bahrain in the form of different packages, by including games or an additional DualSense console. Where the price starts from 2460 riyals and above, depending on the type of package.

It is noteworthy that the device has recently witnessed a great shortage in the local market, and if it was available, the quantities would end in a jiffy, but we hope that with the emergence of such quantities in one store, the local market has been fed with sufficient quantities to cover the large demand in the local markets.

In other news, Sony recently made the VRR feature available on PlayStation 5 devices, which became available without accessing a direct update to the platform, where you can now activate the feature if you are using a TV or monitor that supports HDMI 2.1. More details can be found here..

Do you own a PlayStation 5 yet, is the lack of availability of the device in the market the first reason for not getting it yet?

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