The Callisto Protocol You will get a new show .. and terrifying technical images of the game

The Callisto Protocol You will get a new show .. and terrifying technical images of the game

Dead Space creator starts suspense in his own way

We learned earlier that the godfather of the popular horror game Dead Space Glenn Schofield and a number of veteran developers opened a new studio called Striking Distance in order to work on a huge new project, which appeared to be the space horror game The Callisto Protocol.

We also watched the amazing game show that appeared during The Game Award 2020, which turns out to put us in a world similar to the world of Dead Space, especially with these strange-shaped alien creatures with long limbs, as the development team aims to make it the most terrifying game on the new generation platforms.

The developer mentioned that Dead Space was one of the scariest games of its generation, and that’s why they want to do the same with their upcoming game, The Callisto Protocol, so we’re very excited to see and read all the information we get, and even though it’s been a long time since we’ve seen one Artistic images of the game, we recently got a new one.

Developer Glen Scofield tweeted through his account on social media that he shared a terrifying artistic image of one of the monsters from within the game, which actually looks very terrifying and full of details and feels like “Origina” and not inspired by other games or horror works.

In addition, he shared another photo while working on capturing the movements from the studio, attaching new information, confirming that the game will receive a new show soon, without specifying a specific date.

On each solution, the development wants to make a single-player game that focuses on the story and terrifies many. Now we just have to wait for The Callisto Protocol, which was scheduled to be launched in 2022 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series XOS, and PC, although we think that its launch this year will be very difficult.

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