Michael Butcher: If Sony was smart, they would buy Warner Bros

Michael Butcher: If Sony was smart, they would buy Warner Bros

Video game industry analyst Michael Butcher recently commented on the acquisition rumors of Warner Bros Interactive that we’ve been hearing about in recent days, whether from Sony or Microsoft.

On his latest episode of the SIFTD podcast, Butcher talks about all the acquisitions the Japanese industry rumor has been rumored to make, and stresses that the Warner Bros. Interactive acquisition makes the most sense as long as it includes one major thing.

Patcher pointed to all the major developers that Sony could potentially take over and said:

Companies like Valve, EA, UbiSoft, or even Take Two, aren’t a good fit for Sony, so Warner Bros. Interactive would be a more reasonable choice.

If Sony is really smart, it will buy the company that owns modern studios like WB RockSteady, NetherRealm and many others.

Michael Butcher

But there is one main thing that will hinder this deal if Sony wants to do so, which is the licenses that the developer owns in many “DC Comics” titles such as Batman and Superman and many famous titles, and without these licenses, the deal will not be feasible for the Japanese gaming giant

Patcher usually tends to exaggerate the criticism of the PlayStation, and in return he praises the policy of Microsoft and its devices, and we do not know the secret of these statements he referred to recently, as we learned earlier that both Sony and Microsoft were interested in acquiring the Mortal Kombat developer.

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