Leaked images of Forza Motorsport 8 working on Xbox One..!

Leaked images of Forza Motorsport 8 working on Xbox One..!

Does this mean that the game is also coming to the platform of the last generation??!!

New images have surfaced online believed to be from Forza Motorsport 8 running on the last generation Xbox One.

The images were posted to Subreddit on Saturday by user gamingleaksandrumours, and they have reportedly been verified prior to being posted.

So far, Forza Motorsport 8, the next sequel, has only been announced for the new generation Xbox Series S and X consoles, although most first-party games so far are released on the new and last generation alongside the PC version.

If these images are real, they may have been taken from one of the closed test versions of the game developer Turn 10. It is possible that the last generation version was only included as part of this testing, but it does not have to reflect the final decision to actually provide the game to the last generation.

It would be surprising if a Forza Motorsport 8 release was planned for the current and previous generations, considering Turn 10’s previous statements that its next game would provide a major leap between the generations of this racing series.

Creative director Chris Isaki claimed last summer that the gameplay tests held at Turn 10 gave players a sense of how the studio is revamping and deepening the series’ physics and core gameplay. where he said:

To put the physics work into perspective for everyone, the changes we’ve made from Forza Motorsport 7 so far are more than we’ve made in previous Parts 4 through 7, so it’s basically a huge leap for generations to come into the game.

These promises may not be able to be fulfilled by the developer if the game is coming to the platforms of the last generation, which will put significant restrictions in front of placing more special visual and physical improvements in the game.

Forza Motorsport 8 for Xbox Series X was announced in Summer 2020 and described as a “reimagining” of the series. At the time, Turn 10’s creative director said the game was in early development.

Do you think that Microsoft’s commitment to provide a copy of the game for the devices of the last generation will prevent real benefit from the capabilities of the new generation?

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