Has the date of the State of Play event dedicated to God of War Ragnarok been leaked?

Has the date of the State of Play event dedicated to God of War Ragnarok been leaked?

The “Freya” performer may assure us of that!

A few days ago, one of the new accounts appeared on the Twitter platform, where he posted an image showing that there is a State of Play event dedicated to the game God of War Ragnarok that will take place during this month, May 2022.

This account named @GodofWar_Sony posted a video showing an image of the game with the State of Play event logo dated May 27, 2022.

The image indicates that Sony intends to hold a State of Play event dedicated to the game on this date, and although the VGA4A team is monitoring the matter carefully, we have not been able to confirm the source, which appears to be new to the arena of well-known leakers with their accurate information. But today, while we were observing this account, something happened that aroused our curiosity and amazement about the validity of this information.

The performer of Freya in God of War and God of War Ragnarok, known as @DanielleBisutti, retweeted the date of the event.

We don’t know if it was intentional or just a mistake on the part of the actress. But the matter began to raise a great deal of controversy on the Internet, and many began to believe that this was the real date of the expected event.

The interesting thing is that the event according to the specified date will be on a Friday, which differs from the regular dates that Sony chooses for State of Play events, which are usually on Monday or Thursday, but the time difference may cause the date to be moved to dawn on Friday.

As shown in the picture, the date will be on Friday, May 27, at 12:00 midnight local time.

In any case, we expect Sony to dedicate a State of Play event to God of War Ragnarok in order to reveal more details about the game and the launch date. This is what the company has been pursuing for a long time in revealing new details about its previously announced addresses in order to provide updates about it.

Multiple sources confirmed that the game is still on the agenda for this year 2022, including developers and employees of Sony Corporation.

In the latest official update from the developers in Santa Monica studio, it was the day of the fourth anniversary of the game God of War 2018, in which the director of the game, Cory Barlog, confirmed that they are not ready to reveal more about the game and that the development team is working hard to improve the quality of the graphics.

Stay tuned for more updates if there is anything new.

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