Do you know what is the total cost of buying all the cars inside Gran Turismo 7

Do you know what is the total cost of buying all the cars inside Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is one of the most powerful car racing simulation games that offers a deep experience in its competition system with a huge number of cars and other accessories that make you immerse yourself in its world.

One of the most distinguishing things about this game is the huge and varied collection of cars that it contains, from sports to classics, and all that fans of the game wonder about is getting the largest number of these cars and keeping them, which is what the game aims at.

One of the players decided to spend some time calculating how much the player would need to take in order to buy all the new cars in Gran Turismo 7 with the in-game currency, which of course will translate into real money $.

Gran Turismo 7 to this day contains more than 330 cars, and of course all of these cars are available for purchase in the game currency, and if you decide to earn them all, you will need approximately Cr202,245,095 in the game currency, and this amount will take a long period of years In order to reach it through playing only, it is worth noting that this number does not take into account the “Legend” cars and then the automatic tuning,

And if we do a simple arithmetic, if you decide to buy it in your real currency and charge your balance with Cr202,245,095, that will cost you 2021 US dollars, which is equivalent to 7580 Saudi riyals, are there some players who own cars inside the game will try to do that?

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