A player shows us what The Last Of Us Remake might look like with Unreal Engine 5.

A player shows us what The Last Of Us Remake might look like with Unreal Engine 5.

The rumors of the existence of The Last Of Us Remake game under development are many and varied, and all we are waiting for now is the official announcement, but until that time one of the amateur players imagined how the game could appear in the new form using the Unreal Engine 5.

One of the channels on the YouTube platform brought a simple presentation showing us what The Last Of Us Remake would look like if it was developed using the now famous graphics engine Unreal Engine 5. The presentation was rather short and shows the game environments under the influence of the engine with a simple glimpse of the shape of the character “Joel”. Of course, you can watch it below.

The engine made a big fuss when Epic Games announced its final version, and this led to nearly 70 development studios moving to work on it, and moving their various upcoming titles to be developed using it.

As for the game and its remake, the latest rumor has been issued saying that one of the developers, through their LinkedIn page, has confirmed their work on two new projects in the Naughty Dog studio, one of them is an unannounced remake and the other is a new cooperative game, and you can find more details here.

It was also confirmed that the studio is working on a completely new fantasy game project, but the interesting thing is that this new project will not be co-developed by the creative director Neil Druckmann, who also became the co-founder of the studio.

Watch the simple presentation above and recall your memories with the game’s music, environment and stages through it, and then tell us what you think of it and whether you really want to see the game remake released exclusively for the PlayStation 5..?

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