See what Elden Ring would look like with Tilt Shift

See what Elden Ring would look like with Tilt Shift

Elden Ring is one of the biggest and best games of this year, and no one will disagree that it will be at the top of the six nominees for Game of the Year title, as Souls gamers continue to experience exciting adventures in a large and enchanting world full of puzzles, enemies and bosses.

We have seen a lot of mods released on the PC version of Elden Ring, but this time we will share with you a review of the huge game world with Tilt Shift technology in order for the game to appear as miniature scenes, and give the impression that it is a completely different game from the one we know.

For more information about Tilt Shift technology, it is a technology that uses images from filmed scenes and then processed to look like images of small models. We saw it in the game.

And we remind our followers that the Japanese development studio FromSoftware released a new update with the number 1.04.1 available on all home consoles and PC, fixing the HP error or “health” with the leader Malenia who has become invincible because of her self-healing automatically, in addition to death The surprise of some other bosses at unintended times, including Elden Beast.

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