Rumor: The player will be able to control a third character in Marvel Spider-Man 2, and more..

Rumor: The player will be able to control a third character in Marvel Spider-Man 2, and more..

A few months ago, we got the first official trailer for Marvel Spider-Man 2, which will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 5 next year, but so far we know little about it and now we are getting new rumors.

During the last period, some rumors emerged that touched on the gameplay, and how the player in Marvel Spider-Man 2 will be able to control and switch between the characters of Peter Parker and Miles Morales, as each of them has different abilities and different outfits as well.

The latest rumors that we got say that the player will be able to control a third known character, possibly Venom, but he will be restricted through it and will not allow her to roam freely in the game world as in the previous two characters.

This rumor comes from the 4Chan website and is carried by the Reddit community, so we don’t have to take it because usually his information is wrong, but in any case the anonymous leaker claimed that the new information that we will reveal to you below was obtained through an email that reached the game developers in Studio Insomniac Games stated the following:

Players won’t be able to switch between Miles and Peter in the main missions but they can do so in the side missions just like the system in Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart.
There will be a third playable character who can’t roam free, but will have a different gameplay than the other characters, which allows them to kill people using smoke, projectiles, and “a kind of synthetic tentacle”. The term “claws” would give us the impression that we might play the symbiote “Venom” or an equivalent variant of Peter’s character.

This is all the information mentioned through the rumor. Do you see the logical details mentioned?

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