Free Games with Gold games for the month of May 2022 revealed, here is the list..

Free Games with Gold games for the month of May 2022 revealed, here is the list..

4 titles for all xbox platforms

Microsoft revealed a little while ago about the upcoming free Xbox Games with Gold for service subscribers during the month of May 2022. The list includes 4 titles for all Xbox platforms with support for pre-compatibility on the new platforms.

Games with Gold list for May 2022
Yoku’s Island Express ($19.99): Available May 1 – 31, 2022
The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk ($19.99): Available May 16 through June 15, 2022
Hydro Thunder Hurricane ($9.99): Available May 1-15, 2022
Viva Piñata Party Animals ($9.99): Available May 16-31, 2022
Yoku’s Island Express

All Yoku wants is to soak up the sun to deliver packages at his new job in a tropical paradise. But first he must cross the island to help others and try to awaken an ancient god trapped in a turbulent sleep. Explore the colorful open world of Mokumana, test your pinball skills, and earn wild new powers to help the friendly locals.

The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk

Embark on an adventure through Asposia to find the last wind monk and fulfill Robert’s fate as the heir to the throne of the Nose of the Flute. Seamlessly switch between playing as Robert, Laura, the far-flying rebel, or Beck, the dove that doesn’t fly at all. This enchanting adventure game is filled with brainteasers, humour, beautiful music and lots of hearts.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane

Speed ​​through eleven mysterious racetracks such as Monster Island and the Bermuda Triangle, each one filled with massive jumps, dips, secret shortcuts and destructible objects. Unleash watery mayhem as you try different modes and compete to be the first to cross the finish line.

Viva Pinata Party Animals

Get ready for a lot of fun! Compete as Hudson Horstachio, Franklin Fizzlybear and others across over 40 mini-games mixed with racing action. Collect different rewards to get the most candy and you will be crowned with victory in the end.

Do not forget to download the April games that are currently available, as they will be replaced by new titles according to the dates mentioned above. You can view the April 2022 games here.

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