Final Fantasy 16 is nearing completion…

Final Fantasy 16 is nearing completion…

The game will integrate gameplay with deep story events

Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida is back to confirm that the game is nearing completion, after being delayed several times.

According to what was spotted in a Japanese video game magazine that focuses on the Final Fantasy series, Yoshida touched on the expected new game, indicating that the development process has reached its final stages. According to VGC’s translation of the interview, he said:

Development of the latest release, Final Fantasy XVI, is in its final stages.

According to what has been stated, Final Fantasy 16 will integrate the gameplay with deep story events away from the team play, as the game focuses on single player play completely and mainly.

Speaking during a TGS live broadcast last year 2021, Yoshida confirmed that the main design of Final Fantasy 16 had been completed and claimed that the development team was finalizing the remaining side quests that are set to appear in the game.

He said at the time that the game’s character designs were also nearing completion and that there were only a few quality improvements left to be made to the game.

But last December, Yoshida said development of Final Fantasy XVI was about half a year behind schedule for completion.

These statements are separated by nearly a year from his new statements, which include the same words and phrases. Will this be reassuring for the game’s fans, who have waited for a long time?

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