Epic Games Store reveals upcoming free titles next month

Epic Games Store reveals upcoming free titles next month

As usual, the Epic Games Store revealed the upcoming free titles to its subscribers next May, as it will present two new titles that we will learn about below.

The Epic Store revealed the upcoming free titles for subscribers during the month of May, where players will be able to download both Just Die Already and Paradigm games for free starting today until the date of May 5th. Here is a deeper look at these titles and their description below.

Just Die Already

Just Die Already is a sandbox, action, adventure and survival game that gives you the ability to control an old character that the world wants dead, so find a way to survive this brutal year. The game was released in 2020 on PC and then joined the rest of the platforms in 2021.

You will try to have as much fun as you can before you die, you will be stuck in a bad and restrictive retirement home and your number one goal is to escape to the bigger world to get caught up in life instead of waiting to die, the game is developed by the developers of Goat Simulator so you know what they can do and offer in their games.


The second free game on the Epic Games Store is the bizarre paragdim adventure game set in the exotic country of Krusz in Eastern Europe. You play a handsome mutated Paradigm whose haunted past comes back to haunt him in the form of a lazy, candy-vomiting genetically modified animal whose life is turned upside down when DUPA genetics begins hunting him, a company that sells miracle babies to the rich and powerful who want biological children.

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