Developer: Starfield’s flight mechanics are poor and its graphics engine is broken.

Developer: Starfield’s flight mechanics are poor and its graphics engine is broken.

Bethesda has not commented on the matter yet!

So far, we have not received any reviews related to the game Starfield or the gameplay, and the fact that it is waiting and coming from Bethesda and becoming exclusive to Microsoft means that its developers are under great pressure.

A former developer of Bethesda sparked controversy when he revealed some information about the game, saying he had been working on it before he left the studio. According to GameRant, developer Heavy008 said that the game’s flight mechanics are in very poor condition as well as its graphics engine, which it describes as broken.

The game was first announced in 2018 and since then it has become a mainstay for Bethesda game lovers and Xbox gamers and for them it has been on the list of most awaited games.

Despite this, we never get any review of the way the game is played, even though it will be released at the end of the year, not to mention that it has been postponed on more than one occasion. What is the reason that prompts the company to reveal the technical images of the game and not review the playing style, for example, so far, despite the imminent release date. .?

The former developer praised the ergonomics and described the game’s director, Todd Howard, as an attractive character, but Hevy008 claimed that Starfield has been tested every Thursday since the beginning of 2022, and although the game “looks good” and “shooting looks fine”, However, its Creation 2 graphics engine is what he described as “crap”.

The same developer continued by saying that flying wasn’t fun either as lightning and other visuals come together and it’s a “good looking game”, but it’s not on the same level as the big games like Horizon Forbidden West. The identity of the developer was confirmed by Bloomberg editor Jason Schreyer and it turned out that he was actually working with the company on the game, as someone posted on Twitter.

Starfield is scheduled to be released on the eleventh of next November, corresponding to this year, exclusively on Xbox Series X|S.

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