Call of Duty developer uses clever anti-cheat technology, turning players into ghosts

Call of Duty developer uses clever anti-cheat technology, turning players into ghosts

The cheating player will (rotate) himself and not see his shooters

Activision, through the RICOCHET anti-cheat team, is working to develop new technologies that ensure the protection of Call of Duty players from cheaters and hackers, the latest of which is the new “invisibility” technology.

The new “invisibility” technology that will turn ordinary players in the server into ghosts that cannot be detected by the cheating player.

This Call of Duty anti-cheat technology works very smartly, as when a player using cheating methods is detected entering one of the servers of the game Call of Duty: Vanguard or Warzone, the new system will turn all players in the server into ghosts that cannot be seen before This cheater player.

Then normal players will be able to see this cheater while he will not be able to see them and all he will see is bullets that come to him from nowhere. The developer’s statement, obtained by VGA4A, reads:

In our previous report on our anti-cheat progress, we explained how the #TeamRICOCHET team applies in-game cheat mitigation techniques to reduce the impact of cheaters’ behavior, while also collecting the data necessary to determine cheating behaviour.

While the team is working hard on testing and deploying various cheats mitigations and detection, we wanted to highlight something we designed, which is the “Invisibility” technology. . This includes characters, shots and even the voices of real players, these cheaters will not be able to see any of the above.

However, honest players can see that these cheaters have been applied with the cloaking technique (you will notice that they are spinning in circles and wondering “Who’s shooting at us?!”), and they will get lost in the game world. This mitigation technique gives a highly competitive advantage to honest players over cheats, just like its predecessor, the mitigation shield.

Therefore, during your experience of the game during the coming period, if you see one of the players (wrapping) around himself and looking for someone who shoots him, even though you are standing in front of him, then make sure that he is a cheating player and the new system has been applied to him.

Recently, Activision also revealed the visual logo for the upcoming Call of Duty game during this year 2022, which will be called Modern Warfare 2. You can see the first teaser of the game and more new details about it in this report.

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