A leak from the game Red Dead Online may indicate new content coming to the game ..

A leak from the game Red Dead Online may indicate new content coming to the game ..

The game audience has been waiting for a rewarding update for nearly a year..!!

Some new leaks that have been discovered inside the game Red Dead Online may raise the expectations of the game fans with the arrival of new content for the game.

It started after Rockstar recently released a new update for the game, although its size was large (4 GB), but the goal of it was very simple, which is to improve the level of security in the game. This frustrated many game fans who have been waiting for rewarding content for the game for nearly a year.

But it seems that curiosity has dominated some users who have the ability to access Red Dead Online game files on the PC, as the update is a large size for nothing in the content. So they started exploring the game files after the update and it seems that they have come up with something new that Rockstar is preparing to reveal or release in the future.

According to some users, there are files that refer to new missions and theft of livestock and animals, all of which are not available in the game.

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So far, it has not been possible to determine whether these files are preparations for new content coming to the game, or just remnants of previous content that was removed from the game.

It is noteworthy that the Red Dead Redemption 2 community has launched a wide campaign over the next few months, and we have witnessed the arrival of the Save Red Dead Online hashtag on the trend several times. Where it witnessed a great response and interaction in the world.

For its part, Rockstar recently announced the start of work on the game GTA 6, which indicates that a large part of the development teams are working on the new game, while there is a team working on the game GTA Online and there may also be a team working on the game Red Dead Online.

Do you expect these files to be an indicator of new content coming to the game in the future?

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