Watch what Batman Arkham Knight looks like in Ray Tracing in 8K

Watch what Batman Arkham Knight looks like in Ray Tracing in 8K

Batman Arkham Knight is one of the best parts of the Batman series developed by the distinguished Rocksteady Studios, which has captured the amazing city of Arkham, more spacious and detailed than the previous parts.

The game was released in the middle of 2015 on home consoles of the last generation and PC as well, and was distinguished by its revolutionary fighting style based on attack and counterattack, and introduced the new and completely playable Batmobile and made it an important part of the action, excitement and puzzles of the game.

The game got amazing graphic modifications by Italian designer MassiHancer, who showed it much better than it was in the original version, by supporting 8K Ray Tracing technology with a modified version of the camera in order to show more details better.

We all remember the many technical problems that the game has experienced since its launch on the personal computer, which prompted some to demand a refund, and some stores even confirmed that they will return the money to their owners in the event that the game does not receive a quick update that gets rid of the technical problems it suffers from.

Rocksteady has admitted that it has been busy working on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console versions, and has outsourced the development of the PC version to an external development team called Iron Galaxy Studios, made up of just 12 developers.

Indeed, the game has returned to the digital stores again, and many of the problems that the version has suffered have been fixed, and the development studio is currently working on developing the game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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