Watch the Resident Evil 3 remake developed by fans with Unreal Engine 4.

Watch the Resident Evil 3 remake developed by fans with Unreal Engine 4.

He outperformed the remake of Capcom..?

After the Resident Evil 3 remake from Capcom two years ago, we expected to see undeleted content from the original, but we were surprised to find the opposite. This annoyed some and made them invent their own remake.

A group of amateur gamers and developers created a small studio called Blue Square, through which they re-developed the Resident Evil 3 remake, directed from players who developed to the series’ players who demanded change and requested deleted content from Capcom’s remake.

The remake of the game developed by the studio was done through the Unreal Engine 4, where the game’s perspective was changed to the third, and the remake had completely deleted stages from the original remake, such as the clock tower area and the pub area where we first met Brad while he was fighting one of the zombies from the police.

In honor of this beautiful work, Residence Of Evil, which is also made up of amateur developers who are fans of the series, played the first half hour of the remake, which PC owners can download now from here. It is noteworthy that the game is still in the Alpha stage of the development process, meaning that its developers are now taking reviews in order to modify them for the final version.

From the video, you will notice that the remake needs a lot of work, especially in the style of play and your confrontation with the enemies, but it is okay to give this emerging studio a chance to get the best out of it. What do you think so far of their own version, does it compete with the version of Capcom..?

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