The highly anticipated PlayStation game Stray is getting a launch window this summer.

The highly anticipated PlayStation game Stray is getting a launch window this summer.

Get ready to jump walls and climb ledges this summer

Finally, the highly anticipated Stray game has received an official and confirmed launch window by Sony, as it will target a launch period in the summer of this year, so what is the expected date..?

During a new video posted by a PlayStation page on Twitter, the company revealed the three most anticipated titles coming from independent studios coming this summer, including Stray, as we see below.

🐈 Stray
🎤 We Are OFK
🐑 Cult of the Lamb

These are just three of the can’t-miss indies coming soon to PlayStation. Discover more at

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) April 28, 2022

Among the other upcoming titles for our followers will be Cult Of The Lamb and We Are OFK, all titles coming from independent studios, but they are not as strong and intense as Stray’s enthusiasm, and below we will introduce you to them more.

The game offers the player the ability to control a cat, of course, you will be limited by the cat’s abilities such as jumping and walking on edges, walls, and others. This cat will also have other abilities with the help of a strange device that will be located on its back, which the player will use to solve puzzles, open doors and others.

The next summer period for this year that the game is targeting as a launch window will be in the period between next June (6) to next September (9), meaning that it will be released in the third quarter of this year.

Recently, the General Authority for Audio-Visual Media in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through its official account on the social network Twitter, classified the game Stray as suitable for the age of 12 and above.

Are you looking forward to trying the game after this news, especially since the game had received its Australian classification a few days ago, your expectations..?

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