Sifu game support plan revealed, new difficulty level outfits and more..

Sifu game support plan revealed, new difficulty level outfits and more..

Sloclap studio, the developer of Sifu, promised to release additional distinct contents for the upcoming game this year, and it has already fulfilled its promise and revealed to players the game support plan that will come in the form of 4 updates divided over the whole year.

Sifu’s first upcoming update will be released next week and will bring a long-awaited feature with a lower difficulty level that will help players defeat this challenging title. On the third of next May, the game will receive an update to add the Aforementioned difficulty level, in addition to bringing more outfits and new training settings.

The studio, as we can see in the roadmap plan below, which was revealed through his account on Twitter, where we see the next spring update next week, then the summer update, followed by the fall update, and finally the winter update.

The summer update, will bring an improved scoring system and will see a modification to the style of play to increase the strength of the character or enemies, as well as give players new outfits, including free for all, including exclusive for owners of the Deluxe version of the game.

The fall update will see the addition of replay motions in the form of a slow motion scene, adding more gameplay tweaks, and finally giving players more free outfits.
Finally, the winter update, which is the most important update because it will add a new game mode called Arenas, which will work in the same way as the Last Man Standing system. The player will test his skills in this phase with an addition to the playing style as well and other new outfits.
The game is currently available on PlayStation 4 and 5 and PC, so what do you think of the post-launch support plan that the team revealed to our followers..?

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