Rockstar ignites players’ anger with a new update for Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar ignites players’ anger with a new update for Red Dead Redemption 2

Its useless..

Rockstar angers Red Dead Redemption 2 players by releasing a new 4 GB update for all versions of the game, but without any benefit.

Today, a new update for Red Dead Redemption 2 was launched for all versions of the game and the mentioned size. The goal of it, as mentioned in the update specifications, is to improve the security system for the Red Dead Online mode for the PC version, especially because it suffers from this aspect, but without any important additions mentioned.

Players were surprised by this update, thinking that the company had finally listened to their demands and provided an update that added new content to the online development, but unfortunately most of them were very frustrated and renewed their intense anger and emotion from the company.

The update issued for the game No. 1.27 and stated that it will only improve the security of the game as described by Rockstar from its website, but the most prominent thing that surprises players is the size of the large update, which indicates that something is coming soon to the game that is prepared for it through the update.

Data lockers through file extractors have not revealed anything interesting hidden inside the update files. But at the same time, some sources indicated that the company is still working on bringing more content, especially to Red Dead Online, in the near future.

The game community is still waiting for Rockstar to care about the game as it does with its old game GTA 5 and its online development, which has been re-released with a pulverized version for the third time in a row and continuously supported with renewed content for 9 consecutive years.

What do you think of this update and the delay of Rockstar in supporting its game with the nature of the American Wild West..?

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