New Elden Ring update fixes the confrontation with Malenia and the Elden monster

New Elden Ring update fixes the confrontation with Malenia and the Elden monster

The developers at the Japanese development studio FromSoftware released a few days ago the update 1.04 for the game Elden Ring, which improved the balance of the game and the performance of some weapons, but it caused a technical bug that players claim made Malenia almost invincible.

Bandai Namco has released a new update 1.04.1 available on all home consoles and PC, which fixes an HP error or “health” with Boss Malenia becoming invincible due to self-healing, as well as the sudden death of some other bosses in the game. Unintended times, including Elden Beast.

The latest update No. 1.04 enabled players to turn on the “auto-rotate” function of the camera, with the ability to enable or disable it. The update also adds new dialogues to some of the popular NPCs in the game world.

Changes have also been made to the damage power of some weapons, as well as how long some magic attacks take to cast.

Recently, a number of users were able to access gaps in the game’s balance that enable them to eliminate some bosses quickly or finish the game in record times. With this new update, we expect that some of these vulnerabilities will be closed by improving the game’s balance.

The most important features of the Elden Ring 1.04 update
The attack speed of colossal swords/colossal weapons has been increased and their recovery time reduced. Jump attack not included.
Increased damage from two-handed attack for Mega Swords / Mega Weapons. Jump attack not included.
Increased blocking rate and enhanced protection for the categories of Giant Sword, Giant Weapon, Great Sword, Great Hammer, Great Axe, Great Spear, and Halberd.
Damage to Grafted Blade Greatsword has been increased.
Damage increased from Devourer’s Scepter’s wand.
The size of the prestige effect buildup from the Benyoric Crew and Dragon Seal spells and spells has been reduced.
Greatshield Talisman effect reduced for weapons with high blocking rate.
Decreased recovery speed from madness buildup.
Slight increase in FP and Stamina growth rate at low levels
Level Up
Activate Godrick’s Great Rune
Re-equip any equipment (armor, spell) that grants extra credit for either Strength, Skill, Vitality, Stamina, Intelligence, Faith, or Mystery
Rebalance some weapons and enemies
Elden Ring Update 1.04 is now available on home devices and PC, the size of the update varies from platform to platform. Moreover, depending on the platform players use to download it, the file size can vary. On PC, the update size is 14MB, 98MB on PlayStation, and 600MB on Xbox.

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