Modern Warfare 2 teaser video reveals some hidden game elements..!

Modern Warfare 2 teaser video reveals some hidden game elements..!

A short while ago, Activision and Infinity Ward revealed the official name and logo of their upcoming game, Modern Warfare 2. This is through a short video reviewing the composition of the game’s logo, which will be abbreviated as MW2.

But the game community, as always, has its own view on these short game trailers, as they contain a lot of hidden hints. And this is what is now beginning to appear and reveal by analyzing every second in this video.

At first, a geographical location was monitored through coordinates that appeared quickly in the short video, which were clarified and identified to take us to a specific location on the globe, which is the state of Singapore. Journalist Tom Henderson shared this discussion by confirming that he had seen an early image from Modern Warfare 2 showing a Special Forces soldier trying to descend through the walls of a skyscraper in preparation for a storming operation that might take place in the same country.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-28 at 9.00.40 PM

The other thing that appeared in the video in a flash is the logo of the Special Forces Task Force 141 is a multinational special operations unit consisting of British, Australian, American and Canadian members, usually with previous experience in special operations. Their first appearance was in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, where their main mission was to capture “Vladimir Makarov”.

The presence of Task Force 141 and the appearance of the coordinates that took us to Singapore, may be a clear indication that the game will take us this time on a very sensitive special mission in this region. Of course, everyone remembers how such missions are directed in the series, especially with the Infinity Ward team’s touches of producing cinematic scenes combined with the events of the game.
We also don’t forget the return of the character “Ghost” that the studio Infinity Ward recently hinted at by updating the cover photo of his Twitter account.
The Call of Duty community’s efforts are still working with all their senses to discover more secrets and hints that have been hidden in this short teaser. But we hope that we do not wait long for the full reveal of the game, which is expected to be in the month of May.

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