Free Trial of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is now available

You can use all 45 fighters

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is the latest version of the popular fighting game from Japanese developer Capcom and is a huge package that adds many features, characters, options and changes within the core game.

The Japanese publisher recently announced that the fighting game in its latest release “Champion Edition” is now available for free download completely, whether through the digital store on the PC, or through the PlayStation Store.

The offer is available at the moment, and will run until May 11, 2022, and the version will include the ability to use all 45 fighters that were released in order to play with them.

The promotion is now live and will allow players to download the full version of the fighting game from PlayStation Store and Steam, which includes the ability to use each fighter individually. In total, all 45 characters released so far will be available to players.

Street Fighter V was first released in 2016, where the game interface faltered due to its lack of content and the lack of fighters, despite the amazing gameplay, and the arcade mode was not available at that time.

Capcom did not stop supporting the game and improving it in all aspects that players desire, until it succeeded in bringing it back to the fore and becoming one of the most powerful fighting games, then the game returned with the largest update that changed and added a lot to the game called Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

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