The horror game The Quarry has 186 different endings.. and a story scenario of 1000 pages.

The horror game The Quarry has 186 different endings.. and a story scenario of 1000 pages.

The new horror game The Quarry is being developed by Supermassive Games and developed in collaboration with 2K.

It is known that The Quarry will follow the same lines as previous studio games that are told through cinematic events, rather part of the famous Until Dawn series, while the game’s heroes are chased and hunted by a mysterious thing that takes them down one by one.

The game, according to the latest statements by the director of the game, has 186 different endings in its story, as the ending you will get depends on nine different playable characters, and it is the end of a story that changes based on your sensitive choices, as the longest text of the game scenario was written that consists of 1000 pages.

Through IGN First, the director of The Quarry game, Will Byles, was interviewed and asked about the challenges they faced in developing the game and many things. He said:

Writing a branching story is a really interesting exercise, we write a full screenplay of a hundred pages as if it were a movie. We develop our personality styles, and once we have that, we can start looking at how to break that down into a full 10 hour experience.

We had to shoot about 50 pages a day, it was like a nightmare or madness.

The Quarry has 186 different endings to reflect the many, many different choices you’ve made.

Smaller choices are what affect the story you’re actually playing like relationships and things

In the same vein, the developer of the horror game The Quarry explained the real reason behind making the game separate from The Dark Pictures Anthology series, describing it as being closer in composition to their previous game Until Dawn which offered a survival experience and shocking decision making.

While The Quarry has some points in common with The Dark Pictures series, in that it focuses on horror and decision-making, there are certain aspects that separate them. Speaking to IGN, Will Biles, the game’s director, gave a clear look at the matter, more details here..

The game is supposed to be released on June 10 of this year on all current and previous home platforms besides PC.

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