One of The Last Of Us 2 players uses a mod to try to change the events of the game..

One of The Last Of Us 2 players uses a mod to try to change the events of the game..

Did he succeed?!

It has been nearly two years since the release of The Last Of Us 2 game, and we remember when it was released that it caused a great deal of controversy among the players for several reasons, the most important of which is its story. One of them tried to change the story through a new mod, so did he succeed..?

There are many questions that players had after launching and ending The Last Of Us 2 game, such as the possibility of killing Abby’s character from certain stages of the game, especially in the end when confronted with Eli’s character, or, for example, the possibility of saving “Jules” from being killed by “Abe” at the beginning of the game. . Well one modifier has the answer.

Warning that there is a (burning) of some of the game’s story events below..

Speclizer was able to create a set of mods to try to crack the game scripts and see if it could make certain modifications to the events. For example, in the Santa Barbara area, the mod used a range of modifications to give Eli access to firearms. In this area, my father is poor and posture, and despite his use of weapons in an attempt to kill her, he was surprised that she continues to rise as we see below.

Likewise, unfortunately, you cannot save Jules, even with some modifications and errors. But Mel and Owen can be killed preemptively in the aquarium, although you can also kill Whitney early but the character’s talk continues to work while her dead body lies on the ground. That’s while its headphones and PS Vita bass still act as if Whitney was around.

It seems that the structure of the game does not allow modifications despite the use of various mods, and this is expected, since the story of the game and the events were designed mainly without any other paths in the game that can change the events, as in the large RPG games.

But if you had the ability to change events and create a different ending, which ending would you choose for the game?

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