Exclusive: Find out about the ESO Legacy of the Bretons update and an interview with the creative director

Exclusive: Find out about the ESO Legacy of the Bretons update and an interview with the creative director

mysterious plot…

We’ll be up to date with the release of The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Legacy of the Bretons update, which is part of the huge events and updates that will be released throughout 2022.

It has been many years since the release of The Elder Scrolls Online or “ESO” game developed by Bethesda, yet the developer still wants to extend the life of this game by supporting it with interesting content and events that were released earlier.

In the amazing world of High Isle, home to the Bretons, descendants of both humans and orcs, you will experience many new experiences in whole new areas, where you will gather your strongest allies in a new experience of 12 people and attack the Dread Sail pirates inside their dangerous haven on the island.

In the new update of the game ESO you will face mysterious conspiracies, and try to unveil a secret order of the Knights led by the mysterious Ascendant Lord, who threatens to disrupt peace talks in the ongoing Three Banners War and condemns Tamriel to an endless struggle, and that’s not all, you will get rewards, challenges and rewards Brand new, you’ll discover the stunning home of the Breton nobility and experience stories, quests and monsters.

The nice thing this time in ESO with the new update, is a new entertaining adventure through the new card game, where you will play the original fast-paced card game called Tales of Tribute, and through it you will compete with friends and will test your strength against the invulnerable characters To play in this exciting deck building game.

You will recruit brave companions, Ember the wizard Khaget and Isobel Viloa, knight of Breton, to accompany you on your adventures in the Systres Archipelago and beyond, and help the local Stonelore creatures investigate and close the volcanic fissures that are beginning to infect the Systres Islands.

To learn more about the ESO Legacy of the Bretons, the was able to conduct an exclusive interview with the creative director of the game Rich Lambert and ask him about the problems that players may fear the most, which is how you will play the new content of the game and be able to skip the old stages and raise the level of the character, whether you are a new or old player, where The creative director replied:

ESO’s new addition feature is giving you complete freedom as a player if you love to explore, reach high levels, and discover new areas.

The player was asked whether the new card game Tales of Tribute would become an independent game in the future, when the director answered

All our focus at the moment is to make the game fun and get players to accept it without getting bored of it

And about plans to improve the general visuals to maintain the status of the game and the beautiful visual aspects through the new update, the director replied:

We have added new technologies, for example LSS, then FSR and AMD.
We do it in balance, but if we make it our main focus we won’t
You have time to build new things for the players.

At the end of this report, we assure our followers that the addition of ESO Legacy of the Bretons will be released on all home consoles on June 21 of this year, while it will be released on PC through Steam and Stadia on July 6 of the same year.

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