Dying Light 2 update 1.3 is now available for download, here are all its features..

Dying Light 2 update 1.3 is now available for download, here are all its features..

Techland has announced the availability of the awaited update 1.3 for Dying Light 2 across all platforms, and through this news we will discuss all the details of this update that brings with it the New Game Plus mode and more.

A few days ago, the studio announced through one of the videos that the 1.3 update will be effective and awaited, and will bring with it the New Game Plus mode, which allows players to replay the game again with the ability to transfer all the abilities they have unlocked and the weapons they have obtained. But that is not all, there will be a lot of new things which are as follows.

New Game Plus mode
The player will be able to replay the game while saving his abilities and weapons that he obtained from his last finish.
New platinum goals for parkour.
30 new health-boosting inhibitors.
Enemies become more difficult as the player becomes more powerful.
Diversity and differences in the location of the enemies.
A new legendary weapon class has been added.
Modifications to the Co-op . system
Improving the search system for other players and working on its stability.
Reducing the block errors that occur to players in the multiplayer mode so as to prevent them from progressing.
Improved weapon performance.
Improving the mission system in the mode makes the player’s mission clear.
Animation improvements.
extra content
The addition of a new enemy called mutated zombies that will relate to a new mission called “Something Happened Here,” which players will find at the start of the New Game Plus phase.
Gameplay improvements:
Enemies with bows are less annoying to the player, in addition to reducing the damage dealt, correctly completed achievements are awarded upon completion.
Fixed the ability to quickly move between map areas after completing various missions.
Fixed random AI bug in human encounters.
Immunosuppressive repair of infected stocks.
Fixed virus patrol movement in GRE grappling hook facilities.
Adjusted drag restrictions, longer swings will reset vertical drag values; Withdrawals will have a greater initial value.
Task updates:
Fixed a wall slashing bug during Let’s Waltz quest.
Fixed a bug with the player getting stuck after using an inhibitor, or opening inventory after getting an inhibitor in Markers of Plague quest.
Fixed a map display bug in The Only Way Out mission.
Fixed the disappearance of Hakon in Into The Darkness after co-op.
Technical fixes:
Improved game stability.
Several sources of crashes have been fixed and frame rate stability has been improved in various places on the map.
Fixed multiple bugs that allowed players to see in and out of the map texture.
Fixed transverse texture glitches in various places on the map and various audio glitches.
These are our followers, all the features that became available through update No. 1.3, where it will be possible to take a new adventure with a more challenging taste, and for more details, you can visit the studio website link from here.

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