One of the Elden Ring players can enter the hidden Colosseum area

One of the Elden Ring players can enter the hidden Colosseum area

Unveiled two enemies and a new Site of Grace

Elden Ring Colosseum District
An Elden Ring player has found a new way to get into the game’s mysterious Colosseum area. Earlier this year, we watched mod Lance McDonald use a mod that enables him to peek inside the walls of the huge Colosseum locked in at Elden Ring.

But now, Sekiro Dubi has been able to use a different Elden Ring mod that enables him to enter this area and explore it further, revealing two hidden enemies and a new Site of Grace as you can see in the video below.

The Site of Grace is located at the entrance to the arena, confirming that the player was supposed to visit this area in the game, but it appears that it was undone in the final version. It is possible to rest in this location as is the case with other Site of Grace points, but when you open the menu, the name “PlaceName” will appear for that point.

However, Sekiro Dubi points out and based on the previous network test version files that players were able to hack, it is possible that the real name of this site is “Leyndell Colosseum”.

The arena also features two underdeveloped enemies known as the “Gladiator Large” and the “Old Lion of the Arena”, which are believed to play a role in the well-known lore of this location, as the Colosseum is said to have been a place where warriors tested themselves against monsters.

It’s currently unclear if players will get a chance to visit this area in the future as part of the DLC, but it is by far the most complete area that data watchers have found and inaccessible via normal means throughout the game.

Some information about the game indicates that in order to visit the Colosseum, the player will have to travel through time, in future downloadable content.

Until we get new details about the Colosseum in the Elden Ring, what do you think about what this player managed to discover and do you think it is good content to be a DLC for the game in the future?

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