New GTA 5 update adds Motion Blur to PS5 and Xbox Series X..

New GTA 5 update adds Motion Blur to PS5 and Xbox Series X..

With some bugs fixed on other platforms

GTA5 and GTA Online New Generation Edition on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S
Today, Rockstar released a new update for the game GTA 5, the new generation version of PS5 and Xbox Series X, bringing with it the Motion Blur feature, in addition to fixing a number of technical problems in the game on all platforms.

On Xbox Series X/S, the update resolves an issue where a player gets stuck in the alerts screen after using Quick Resume, an issue that resulted in players having no audio while in a group on Xbox, as well as a radio sound disappearing bug.

On PS4 and Xbox One, the update fixes an issue where players get stuck at the Rockstar logo screen when launching the game, and an issue where player progress is not saved in GTA Online.

Motion Blur technology is one of the techniques for improving the quality of movement in video games, where the background image is converted to blurry with the accelerating movement, as you can see in the image below

GTA 5 - Motion Blur Test - YouTube

GTA 5 – Motion Blur Test – YouTube

In a previous news, we learned that Rockstar has removed some dialogues for the characters, as well as a group of mocking phrases from the new generation version of GTA V.

Rockstar removed some dialogues for non-playable characters from the game GTA 5 new generation version, the deleted dialogues are related to transgender people that were mocking them, as many NPCs appear wearing funny clothes, so to speak, for this category of people and although it is difficult to find them, but the developer I decided to remove only dialogues as the players noted.

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