Naughty Dog Studio is working on an unannounced Remake game project

Naughty Dog Studio is working on an unannounced Remake game project

The Last Of Us Remake!!
Naughty Dog
We finally got confirmation regarding the existence of a remake game project that has not yet been announced at Naughty Dog studio, and of course this project could return to The Last Of Us Remake, how likely is that?

A player spotted a LinkedIn page for a Naughty Dog studio developer, who mentioned that he is working on a yet-to-be-announced Remake game project. This made players sure that The Last Of Us Remake might indeed be under development.


The developer who put this professional information on the aforementioned website works with the studio within the support team, which has multiple tasks in the field of quality assurance, testing, and translation of the studio’s games into the Korean language. Among the projects mentioned on the developer page on LinkedIn in the form of new projects under development were as follows:

Working on trying out and supporting the development of an undisclosed multiplayer game.
Work on trial and development support for the unannounced Remake game project.
The developer has also been involved in previous studio projects in support and experimentation such as The Last Of Us 2 and Uncharted Legacy Of Thieves Collection, which came out this year.

This information mentioned by our followers confirms the validity of the rumors that were previously issued, which stated that the studio is working on a multiplayer online multiplayer game, and all indications confirm that it may be the online mode of The Last Of Us 2, which may come with the Battle Royale mode, as well as the rumor of a remake of the part. The first of the game is under development specifically for the PlayStation 5, as it has not been announced until the moment of writing this report except through unofficial, but well-informed sources.

It is reported that the studio has three new projects under development as we mentioned previously, two of them are what was mentioned above and the third project is rumored to be a completely new game, while some believe that it is part of the Uncharted series, but the new information says that it is a fantasy game project and will not be co-developed by director Neil Druckman, For more details, you can visit this link.

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