Microsoft patents a VR glove, is it for Xbox Series X..!

Microsoft patents a VR glove, is it for Xbox Series X..!

VR glove can see the light..
8 hours ago Last news update: April 26, 20220318
Xbox Series X VR glove
Microsoft recently patented a VR glove that may be intended for the Xbox Series X. Will it see the light, especially since the company’s fortunes with this particular accessory were bad in the past..?


Patentlyapple has monitored a patent registered by Microsoft for a VR-compatible glove that may be intended for the Xbox Series X. This patent has been published by the World Intellectual Property Organization and is based on the human body’s tactile receptors, mechanics, pain receptors, and finally stimuli, touch and pressure sensations.

The way in which these gloves work is by making it wearable like a normal glove device to provide such notes on which the patent is based. Some of these devices will include a clutch mechanism to selectively restrict joint movement, such as a finger joint so that the user senses resistance to movement on the virtual surface of a virtual object. While this motion restraint device may simulate a reactive force from a solid object felt on a joint, it may not provide a realistic sense of touch on fingers, palms, or any other surface of the body in contact with the virtual object.

The patent may not be intended for home appliances, but may be a separate project, as the company, through this patent, is competing with Apple, which is working on the same project, and indeed Microsoft published in 2020 an explanatory video of this patent and you can watch it below, as it never mentioned that Dedicated to Xbox.

At the same time, we will not rule out the idea that the device will be compatible with the Xbox Series X, especially since Microsoft has not entered this field for a while and now the entire arena is left to Sony with its previous PSVR and the upcoming PSVR 2 dedicated to the PlayStation 5.

Will Microsoft release this accessory and customize it for its current device to compete with the Sony accessory compatible with the PlayStation 5, and what do you think of the glove’s design and capabilities..?

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