Battlefield 2042 was planning to introduce ‘microtransaction’

Battlefield 2042 was planning to introduce ‘microtransaction’

It may be a mercy bullet on the game..!
Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042 had a launch that seriously disappointed its fans and developers, a title that can be described as one of EA’s worst nightmares that enlisted all DICE developers to save what could be salvaged with the upcoming updates.

The level of failure in the game reached the extent of players asking for their money back after a few months of its launch, which also led to the displacement of most of its players literally, as the number of its players recently reached less than 1,000 concurrent players only, and this number is decreasing despite developer updates and the return Scoreboard and voice chat.

Apparently, developer DICE and publisher EA were so confident in the title’s success before launch that the developer was preparing to roll out microtransactions in its game shortly after the game’s release, before it hit the grim reality. order to continue it?

This information was provided by a data analyst or “data miner” named temporyal who studied the contents of the latest update 4.0 of Battlefield 2042, where he discovered several data assets related to the use of XP, cosmetics for vehicles, specialists, weapons, soldiers as well as 5 packs or combos From premium coins and levels, weekly quests and a bonus Battle Pass.

The temporyal data analyst saw it as “paving the way” for the release of microtransaction in the future, which players would consider a “mercy bullet” if this information was accurate, and the publisher’s history attests to it.

In any case, the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass will be launched in conjunction with the launch of the first season, for which a release date has not yet been set, and which is unlikely to be released before June 16.

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