Xbox Series Best Sellers in March in the US – usa

Xbox Series Best Sellers in March in the US – usa

According to market statistics from GamesIndustry released last February, which showed that the number of sales of the new generation of Microsoft Xbox Series consoles exceeded the Sony PlayStation 5 for the first time last February.. To find out more

According to the latest monthly sales report issued by the market research organization NPD Group, the Xbox Series outperformed itself in terms of unit sales during the months of March 2011 and March 2014, with March 2022 being its best month ever in the largest global market, the United States of America. .

The Xbox Series X / S home consoles are also the best-selling devices during the month of March 2022, thus outselling their competitors for three months in a row (January-February-March) of this year in the United States of America.

The source also confirmed that the Xbox Series, after 17 months of its release, managed to sell 13.87 million copies, compared to 9.38 million copies of the Xbox 360, which represented the golden period for the company, and this may become a thing of the past with the new Microsoft devices.

In Europe, new Microsoft consoles continued to outperform PlayStation 5 sales since last February, as well as in the United Kingdom during March.

Despite this, the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 consoles still suffer from stock shortages and lack of supply due to global supply issues that we touched on more than once earlier, even though Microsoft is providing their hardware better than Sony This is what we discussed in a previous post.

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