The New Game + launch date for Dying Light 2 has been revealed.

The New Game + launch date for Dying Light 2 has been revealed.

The Techland team has announced the date for the availability of the New Game Plus mode for Dying Light 2, which will be released soon and will be released in conjunction with an update that will fix many of the problems that bothered players, especially in the online mode.

New Game Plus mode coming to Dying Light 2 on April 27th on all home platforms on which the game was released, the phase will be released with update No. 1.3.0, which will fix technical problems in the game and the issue of players being trapped in the waiting room of the online mode or as VGC website mentioned.

Game Producer Julia Szynkaruk talked about the update in a newly released video and said that it will allow players to take their character’s progress and equipment into a new adventure (although Nighrunners’ gadgets like grappling hook and parachute still have to be gained through the story). You will also be able to find 30 new inhibitors to increase health and stamina.

The mode will add new hidden enemies whose level of difficulty reaches the level of protagonist Aiden, but for those who want a greater challenge Techland said it has prepared encounters with golden markers “full of special enemies and a variety of their forms.”

There will also be a new mission titled “Something Big Happened Here” featuring new enemies, new challenges and confrontations that will reward players with more legendary weapons and valuable items, and there will be a new platinum medal for parkour challenges.

It is noteworthy that the team announced a few days ago that the game’s sales reached more than 5 million units sold in the month of launch, and also the sales of the first part reached 20 million units sold, and you can follow more details here.

Are you going to replay the game through the New Game Plus mode?

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