The cover image of GTA 6 appears on the Twitch platform, and one of the players is questioning its accuracy!

The cover image of GTA 6 appears on the Twitch platform, and one of the players is questioning its accuracy!

The platform pulls images from third-party websites
GTA 6 Grand Theft Auto 6
While leaks and rumors about GTA 6 are proliferating, the community in the series has become very sensitive in tracking game news. The Internet has also become full of such rumors, which are treated with great caution by society.

One of the influencers on the Twitter platform (verified account) shared an image taken from the search system of the Twitch platform, which specializes in broadcasting video games.

Since Twitch is an official platform specialized in broadcasting video games, the matter has begun to cause widespread controversy, especially since Rockstar has not shared any details or images from the game, which is believed to be still in the early stages of the development process.

After investigation and the help of some followers, it was found that the image may not be official or real, as one of the informed followers indicated that the Twitch platform is pulling the images of the games that are searched through its own engine through a third-party platform called IGDB, which is an open platform.

According to the source, this platform works similarly to the Wikipedia platform, where any user can enter and modify information and images at random.

We tried to dig deeper through the IGDB platform, but we didn’t get any image that matches the one that appeared on the Twitch platform. But there may be different search mechanisms or differ by region, as the IGDB platform showed that the cover image of the game is not available.

Recently, Rockstar displayed a shirt in its store bearing the number 6 in Latin VI, which sparked a great controversy at the time, and what increased suspicions was that this shirt was withdrawn from the store a few hours after its exposure. See photos and details here.

In other news, and through an informed source, we learned that Rockstar is seeking to use the ninth version of its RAGE engine. According to the source, Rockstar seeks to provide quality graphics and effects that surpass the new Epic engine, Ureal Engine 5, which it recently launched. More details can be found here..

In any case, the details of the GTA 6 game remain vague, with Rockstar continuing to follow the deafening silence after the quick and sudden announcement early this year that the game is under development and that the process is going as planned.

Some media believe that GTA 6 will be announced before the end of this year, and that it will be launched at the end of next year or early 2024.

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