game Cyberpunk Loopmancer gets its first breathtaking gameplay experience

game Cyberpunk Loopmancer gets its first breathtaking gameplay experience

Games set in the future always offer a rich world full of vibrancy, life and magical lights, Loopmancer is the latest game to take place in the cyberpunk world, and recently the latest amazingly extended exclusive was released by IGN that further illustrates the gameplay.

Loopmancer, developed by eBrain Studio and published by the Chinese company Yooreka Studio, is a 3D action game, more precisely 2.5D, with a horizontal shooting method, and bears many characteristics of roguelike games, and it is supposed to be released on home consoles and PC via the Store Steam.

The events of the game Loopmancer are set in the future during the year 2046, and you will play as Xiang Zixu in a city characterized by the atmosphere and culture of China called Dragon City, when technology and prosthetic companies become the focus of the story, and every time the hero of the game dies, the time period changes, and the game possesses seven Several endings of up to seven.

Of course, the hero Xiang Zixu dies during the investigation process for the murder of a famous journalist, and immediately after his death he wakes up from his sleep in his bedroom to receive a call that a famous journalist has disappeared and must be searched for, and this means that time has gone back.

This outstanding game is scheduled to be released during this year 2022, on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC via Steam store, but without a specific date until this moment.

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