An image indicates that the next Kojima project may be exclusive to the PlayStation 5

It appears that veteran Japanese developer Hideo Kojima is working on a new game project that will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5. This is what appeared to us through the image that the developer shared on his Twitter account earlier today.

Through his Japanese account, Kojima shared a photo of what appears to be a motion capture studio he is using to record scenes for his upcoming unannounced project. But through the image, the appearance of the PlayStation 5 Developer Edition Dev Kit was spotted in the place.

An image indicates that the next Kojima project may be exclusive to the PlayStation 5

Through the original image, we zoomed in on the device that appears in the far left of the image, to make it clear that it is indeed the developers’ version of the Dev Kit of the new Sony PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 Dev Kit – Kojima Productions
By searching the space shown in our image, the developer version of the Xbox Series was not found. While there have been multiple copies of personal computers that are likely to be used in the production and development process.

This may raise the standards of expectations that the vague Kojima project so far may once again be exclusive to Sony, specifically for the PlayStation 5, as it is the only platform that appears in the image.

Earlier this year, through photos Kojima shared on his Twitter accounts, we learned that he is using Sony’s advanced MADO platform to monitor the motion capture process for the new project, which is also taking place inside Sony’s Santa Monica studio.

Perhaps all of this data is a strong indication that Kojima’s next project is indeed a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

It is reported that Kojima has confirmed on more than one occasion that he is already working on a new game project, but he did not share with us any information or details about this project, which is still mysterious at the time of writing this report.

Some sources indicate that this project may be a horror game created by veteran Kojima, who has repeatedly expressed his desire to work on a horror game project, especially after the failure to complete the Silent Hills re-imagination project in cooperation with Konami.

Until Kojima reveals his next project, share with us your expectations about this project and whether you think it’s actually exclusive to the PlayStation 5!

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