You can now control your smart TV with the Xbox Series X|S arm, here’s how..

Technology is developing between generations very quickly, both in the world of games and others, and this news will rejoice those who suffer from the loss of remote controls for their TVs, as they will be able to use their alternative, which is the Xbox Series X|S controller.

Larry Nelson, an employee at Microsoft’s Xbox branch, has officially announced that Xbox Series X|S owners can use them to control smart TVs instead of remote controls for these devices, all players have to do is apply some simple steps Then the arm will become the remote control for your smart TV.

How to make an Xbox Series X|S controller for your TV:
First, your smart TV must support CEC technology, which in turn allows other devices to become a TV remote control.
Second, choose Power, then TV & A/V.
Third, you will choose the HDMI-CEC box, which will allow the arm to connect via Bluetooth technology with the TV to become its remote control.
It is noteworthy that this feature is not supported for the first time in Xbox and wireless controllers, but it was previously, but temporarily, but now it has become permanent, and the same is true for the wireless controller for PlayStation 4 and 5 devices. Even the mother is still supported temporarily, and a mechanism can be likened It works with the mechanism of Remote Play.

What do you think of this feature?

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