The fate of the Metal Gear Solid series and the next step for Konami…

Perhaps a remake is the best solution to save face.
The fate of the Metal Gear Solid series and the next step for Konami…

Metal Gear Solid Remake Metal Gear Solid
There is no doubt that the Metal Gear Solid series is one of the largest and most powerful series of games that we have known over the past years, since the inception of 3D games and the beginning of the PlayStation era, and perhaps before that. This series has been credited with expanding the scope and role of video games that have become fiercely competitive with other entertainment mediums.

Metal Gear Solid game provided a new and exciting experience, and perhaps it was the first step on the ladder to move to a new level, which was the cornerstone of what this industry has reached at the present time. No one denies that Hideo Kojima, who is the godfather of this series, was known through this game, despite his previous role in other games.

Now that the godfather has separated from his favorite daughter and became a soloist, while the game Metal Gear Solid is returned to her mother’s arms, Konami, what is the fate that awaits this ancient series, and how could its mysterious future be so far?

The fate of the Metal Gear Solid series, where it might go!
Here in this report, we will accompany you with all the expectations and possibilities that the series could go to during the next stage, and how its new return could be successful.

Metal Gear Survive servers reside in North America after patch 1.02 delay
Metal Gear Survive
We do not deny that Konami appreciates the strength of this series, so it was its first attempt, after its creator Kojima left to become independent and away from it, to complete the journey by relying on the rest of the developers who participated in the development of the fifth and final part by launching the game Metal Gear Survive and the idea was at the beginning welcome.

But after the game was released, which changed its orientation to be an online cooperative game, empty of any innovations or ideas that could make it part of the legacy that Kojima left behind. Unfortunately, failure was its ally from the beginning, as Konami turned a page of attempts to return to the series, which is to provide something new to complete the journey.

After this failure, we can not imagine that Konami will return with new plans in order to complete the series successfully, except with one last bold step, which is to return the game to the arms of its godfather.

Test: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – den mest ambitiösa delen i serien – M3
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
This step, although it is excluded, after the dispute that occurred between the two parties several years ago, which caused the great schism and the exit of Kojima and the establishment of his own studio, bringing him together with some of the veteran developers who worked with him in the past. However, it may happen in one way or another, especially with rumors talking about Sony mediating between the two parties in order to revive the series.

We hope that this is true, despite the absence of any clear indications about it until the moment of writing this report. This will take us to the other direction that Konami can take in order to revive the game, which is the remake!!

Yes, this would be a very smart move from Konami, at least for the time being, and in order to save face in front of the millions of fans of the series who hold the reasons for the end of the series and its deadlock. By re-releasing its first parts with the use of modern development techniques, as is the case with the game Metal Gear Solid 5, it will be a successful step for Konami at the time.

How can Konami succeed with Metal Gear Solid Remake?
Konami lacks the creativity and plot that Kojima can plant in the depth of any new part of the series and this caused the failure of Konami’s first attempt after Kojima’s exit. But what if this plot and creativity in presenting the storytelling is available and it only has to present the content in a new way with a minimum output?

Rumor: Metal Gear Solid remake is in development and will be released exclusively on PS5

This is what Konami can find by working on Metal Gear Solid Remake, starting from the first part until at least the third part. I think that this will provide her with a strong return to the series and a strong return to the thirsty audience, and may be the starting spark to restore the lost confidence with the possibility of introducing a new part in the series, as Capcom did with the Resident Evil series.

We don’t know what Konami is planning in the meantime with regards to the series, but there are a lot of rumors that talk about Metal Gear Solid Remake already having a collaboration with external studios, but there is no announcement or hint from an official party at the time of writing this report.

We hope that Konami’s view of the Metal Gear Solid series will be renewed and that it will not stop in its attempts to revive it again, even if it is by assigning the task to the new Kojima Productions studios, this step will undoubtedly gain the appreciation of the audience.

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