Watch the Need for Speed 2022 leaks, gameplay, map and home screen

We started hearing a lot of news and rumors that publisher EA is planning to release the latest title of the new Need For Speed ​​car racing series during the end of the year, specifically in the holiday season, which many reliable sources confirm that it will only be released on the new generation of home devices.

But the surprise that we discovered moments ago is the emergence of leaks for the new version of Need for Speed ​​2022, showing the gameplay and the main game map that was leaked earlier “to learn more click here” as well as the game’s control interface, but do not expect the images to be clear Very interesting, but it gives us a more in-depth look at the content of the awaited car racing game, and we leave you now with some quick shots.

As for the game map, we talked earlier that it will divide the game’s events into 6 regions, each region will be characterized by its own terrain, in addition to different events from the other regions or according to the degree of your progress in the game.


As I watched them, the video is not very clear, but we notice how well the friction physics appears, with the fast response of the camera and the very distinguished control interface in the game, and we really hope that these leaks are confirmed by reliable sources.

We remind our followers that the game will be developed by the Godfather of the series Criterion Games, as the studio took over the development tasks of the series from Ghost Games Studio in February 2020, where Ghost is undergoing a restructuring at the request of the owner publisher EA.

Need for Speed ​​2022 is expected to be released later this year on new generation consoles.

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