Unique features that Company of Heroes 3 will have and have an original story through the stories of historians

New episode of Developer Diaries

Company of Heroes 3
As we get closer to the release of Company of Heroes 3 that is expected to be released this year, developer Relic Entertainment has shared with us a new episode of Developer Diaries that focuses on the art and originality of the upcoming new title.

The new episode of Developer Diaries focuses on how to bring the battlefield to life to make it more realistic, and fleshes it out in Company of Heroes 3 coming this year.

The Relic Entertainment team went to some historians in order to interview them so that they could be inspired by their experiences and writings as witnesses to the era. They also watched a lot of documentaries about World War II, and read technical memoirs from that time.

The studio also created a unique system called Paper Doll. It allows developers to design elements in a more modular way. Each outfit or tank can easily be customized to look different from each other, making it more realistic.

Company of Heroes 3

The episode also highlights how the design of the animation, vehicles, armor, and behavior of the fighting units has progressed, and it also shows how the game’s environments have changed in the next part, where Artistic Director Tristan Brett said:

Units now really interact with their environment, such as when planes are flying overhead or when an enemy approaches changing their position, truly creating a lively battlefield.

In any case, the Company of Heroes series is known to be one of the most distinguished strategy games that simulated world wars during the nineties of the last century, as it succeeded in depicting the events and chaos in the Normady region, which witnessed epic historical events written in blood and valor.

The events of the third part will take us to the Mediterranean basin, and various regions such as the Alps in Italy, coastal places and many deserts in North Africa, in which you will fight bloody battles during the Allied invasion of Italy, and you will play with armies such as the United States and Britain on one side and the forces of the Commonwealth with the Italian resistance, The Germans and the main Italian forces on the other hand, as the development team stated that it is the largest story in the history of the series.

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