The developer of Call of Duty 2022 has started the thrill of revealing the game in an exciting way.

It’s Ghost

Call of Duty 2022 Modern Warfare 2
As fans of the popular shooting series Call of Duty prepare for the reveal of the next installment of this year 2022, which is believed to be called Modern Warfare 2. The developer of the game, Infinity Ward, has begun to take mysterious and controversial steps through its Twitter accounts.

Since last night, we at VGA4A have been observing the internet and social media platforms of the developer, who is apparently preparing to reveal the game Call of Duty 2022. The stage of suspense for this process began by publishing the image of the dark that occupied the fans of the series all night.

The first images that were published were of what appears to be the “Ghost” that appeared in the cover image of the Twitter platform for the account of the studio Infinity Ward. The image was not clear, but the game’s audience used the editing programs to reveal what the darkness hides to show what you can see in the image below.

This led many to believe that the famous Ghost character that first appeared in the Modern Warfare part will witness a new comeback in the next part. While others went to believe that the new part may be Call of Duty Ghosts 2, the sequel to the part that was released in 2013, which received great negative criticism.

Subsequently, Infinity Ward Studio removed all posts and photos from the studio’s Instagram account, as you can see in the image below (source CharlieIntel).

A spokesperson from Activision confirmed earlier this year that the next installment in this 2022 Call of Duty series will be a sequel to the Modern Warfare series. There have been many sources and reports that speak of the same trend.

According to what was leaked to the Internet, the story of the new Modern Warfare 2 game will center around the drug war against the Colombian gangs. The sources said that the single-player story will be a more daring experience than what appeared in the campaign mode of the previous installment Modern Warfare 2019. With more close combat, and tough decision-making, mixed with the classic Call of Duty moments that fans have been expecting.

According to people familiar with the developer’s plans, Modern Warfare 2 will be releasing alongside an all-new map for the Battle Royale Warzone.

According to new reports, Activision has decided to postpone the 2023 Call of Duty game, so this will be the first time in nearly 20 years that the series has abandoned the annual release. But the company promised that there will be a lot of advertisements and games related to the series that will be released during this period.

What are your expectations about the new part of the Call of Duty series for this year 2022?

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