Taliban bans PUBG and TikTok in Afghanistan

Tik Tok and PUBG mislead the younger generation

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The Taliban have banned both TikTok and PUBG in Afghanistan. It also banned Afghan TV channels from broadcasting “immoral” content, according to the statement.

The Taliban spokeswoman tweeted this information through her own account on Twitter, saying that Tik Tok and PUBG are misleading the younger generation.

It is noteworthy that this is the first time that the Taliban has banned smartphone applications since it came to power. The Taliban reached this decision in a cabinet meeting. Statistics revealed that less than 30% of the total population of Afghanistan has access to the Internet, and this new ban is likely to reduce this percentage significantly.

This is not the first time that a country has decided to ban social media apps linked to China. Last year, India banned both PUBG and TikTok, but that was due to privacy and security concerns. Some sources claimed that China uses these applications to monitor individuals and gather intelligence information.

While these concerns do not support the Taliban ban on these platforms. Enamollah Semanghani told Bloomberg that they have received a lot of complaints about how TikTok and PUBG are wasting people’s time. While the Statcounter chart shows that Afghanistan still has access to non-Chinese apps such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Reddit.

Analysts and observers expect that this will be the first step among several future steps that the Taliban will take in the future. The first step of banning the PUBG game and the Tik Tok platform may extend to other social media platforms in the group’s endeavor to reduce the community’s access to the Internet and integrate with foreign cultures that the state deems morally inappropriate with the local community.

More about PUBG game
The roadmap to support the game during this year 2022 was recently revealed. The new plan includes many additions and improvements, including new maps and weapons, in addition to many updates aimed at improving the gaming experience.

Also, through the statement announcing the plan, it was confirmed that there is a process of developing new content in place, but it is not yet time to talk about it.

You can take a look at the PUBG roadmap for 2022 through this report here. It provides a broad look at three different categories: Game World, Ingame Content, and Outgame Content, which the game will have over the remainder of 2022.

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